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February 26, 2019

Cream Caramel CBD Feminised Seeds


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CREAM CARAMEL CBD FEMINIZED SEEDS gets its name because of its aroma resembling to that of
caramel. It is a 90% indica hybrid cross between Blue Black, Maple Leaf Indica, and White Rhino. It is HIGH CBD Seed. It gives a blend of woody, berry and sweet taste. CREAM CARAMEL CBD FEMINIZED SEEDS is a plant
that can be grown both indoors. It consumes around 7 to 8 weeks to be ready for harvesting indoors.
It is ready to be harvested in early October when planted outdoors.

1. Relaxed: the users feel a sense of relaxation after smoking CREAM CARAMEL CBD
2. Happy: the smokers feel happy after consuming CREAM CARAMEL CBD FEMINIZED SEEDS.
3. Sleepy: the users get a deep sleep and uninterrupted sleep after CREAM CARAMEL CBD
4. Hungry: the appetite of users of CREAM CARAMEL CBD FEMINIZED SEEDS increase and they
develop their hunger causing them to eat stomach full of food.
5. Uplifted: the mood of the smokers is lifted at once.

1. Stress: the stress levels of the people are altered with consumption of CREAM CARAMEL
2. Insomnia: a lot of people report the problem of lack of sleep and have been tired consuming
various drugs which give no major relief from this issue whereas, the consumption of
CREAM CARAMEL CBD FEMINIZED SEEDS strain fulfils their long lived dream of a sound
3. Lack of appetite: the users feel improvement in their appetite with its consumption as they
develop hunger and their intake of food improves drastically.
4. Depression: many of the users have reported decrease in their depression levels to a great
extent as they encounter extreme relief after consuming this strain.
5. Pain: chronic pains are relived with its consumption magically which are not even cured with
the best of medicines, oils and other treatments available.

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